Building Resilience

This course is packed full of tried and tested tools and techniques specifically designed to build and maintain your resilience.


Welcome to the 'Building Resilience' training course.

I'm Jo Banks, I'm an Executive Coach, Author and Leadership Development Trainer, and I've helped thousands of people create happier, healthier, more productive lives, through my innovative coaching and training techniques.

This course is designed based on my coaching and training (as well as my bestselling book, 'Thoughts Become Things') providing you with step by step instructions and guidance explicitly designed to help manage your thinking and emotions.

In these ever-changing times, resilience is a crucial skill which we all need. Unfortunately, it isn't necessarily something that we are born with. For those of us who grew up in families where negative emotions such stress and anxiety were commonplace, we may not necessarily have learnt functional coping mechanisms to deal with the constant change that continues to happen all around us.

The good news is, no matter whether you were taught resilience skills or not, you can learn and enhance them relatively easily.

If you’re looking to increase your resilience, manage your emotions, and deal with anxiety and the stresses of everyday life more effectively, this is the course for you.

It is packed full of tried and tested practical advice and guidance to help you increase your resilience, enabling you to deal more positively with the pressures we all face daily.

At the end of this course, you will be aware of your current levels of resilience and how you can increase it. You will learn essential skills to enable you to manage existing and potential stressors efficiently. I’ve also included practical tools designed to allow for better planning and execution of tasks both in your home and at work.


Are you struggling to manage your emotions?

Do you find yourself feeling constantly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

Are you finding it hard to cope and manage the pressures of work and family?

Have you or are you going through an excessive amount of change and finding it difficult to see a way through?

Have you recently lost your job or come out of a relationship and are finding things difficult?

Do you need practical strategies for controlling your unhelpful thinking patterns?

Are you finding it hard to see the positives in situations?

Do you feel overloaded with the number of problems you have and can't seem to find or see a way through?

Would you like to increase your emotional intelligence and learn skills that will help you build and maintain your resilience?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this course is for you!



Video - Overview of the course, including hints and tips around getting the best out of the course.

Section 1 - Resilience & Stress

Video 1 – Understanding what resilience and the traits resilient people possess. You will be able to complete a resilience questionnaire which will indicate your development areas. You will also understand how 'The Stress Response' works and why not dealing with prolonged negative emotions affect your health and well-being.

Section 2 - Thoughts Become Things

Video 2 – Looking in more detail about where your thoughts come from and how your early programming affects your thoughts and actions today; providing easy to use tools for managing your thoughts and emotions effectively.

Section 3 - Emotion Control

Video 3 – Emotion Control – Exploring how perception colours your view of the world and how to reframe problems to find positives.

Video 4 - Emotion Control - Part 2 - Understanding the importance of visualising positive outcomes and how to do it effectively.

Video 5 - Emotion Control - Part 3 - Exploring the Victim vs Owner mindset and understanding the differences between the two. Discovering the power of changing the questions you use to positivity impact your life.

Section 4 - 'State Management'

Video 6 – How your physiology (body language) and the language you use affects your thoughts and emotions and how to alter them to be more resourceful and get 'unstuck' when you feel overwhelmed.

Section 5 - Well-Being

Video 7 – Well-being – Part 1 - A range of practical tools to help you manage and increase your sense of well-being, including diet, sleep, identifying stress triggers, exercise, biological rhythms.

Video 8 - Well-Being - Part 2 - Exploring solutions for dealing with everyday stressors.

Video 9 - Well-Being - Part 3 - Advice on how to get organised and take control of your life, plus top tips additional top tips for increasing your resilience.


Video - Final summary including homework.

Each video is packed full of my easy to use tools, techniques and top tips to help you build and maintain your resilience.



There is a comprehensive downloadable workbook in PDF format to use alongside the videos.


Included are two templates that from the workbook, but which you can use separately to record your 'Stress Triggers' and your 'Tolerations' (the small things that you are procrastinating over that if completed, would free up 'brain time'. These templates are available, in MSWord, Apple Pages and PDF formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs is another downloadable PDF document, based on the Frequently Asked Questions I received from delegates on my face to face resilience and emotional intelligence workshops and one to one coaching clients. If you have questions after completing the course, it's most likely that the answers will be here.


There is a 'just for fun' quiz to complete at the end of the course designed to test your understanding. If you answer any of the questions incorrectly, that's a prompt to revisit the appropriate course section.


‘Jo has employed a number of creative and dynamic methods to stimulate my thinking and to reinforce the fact that I am accountable for making change happen. This, combined with being asked to commit to completing actions by agreed deadlines, has really helped to ensure that my plans have crystallised to a point where I have seen immediate results’ Nisha Shrivastava

Jo has helped me to focus and prioritise. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Jo.’ Sharon Cunningham

‘Thank you so much, Jo. I feel that what I have learnt will help a lot with the way I think about not just my work life but also my personal life too! I am definitely going to think more about the body language I use in the workplace and how it may come across.’ Jack Knowles

‘I highly recommend Jo, she gets you to think about things in a different way which has been a turning point for me.’ Lynne Sephton

‘Jo's open and approachable style made it really easy for me to share those issues that were holding me back at being the best version of me I could be. Jo helped me recognise and identify the internal negative thoughts and limitations I was placing on myself, and by applying the simple easy to use techniques, she taught me I have been able to address these and feel more effective in my role than ever.’ Diane Hall

‘The year I spent receiving coaching from Jo was fantastic. I went through many significant life and career changes in this time, with unconditional support from Jo throughout. Jo’s style of coaching and her understanding of me personally, really helped me achieve clarity and focus on the goals that I wanted to accomplish both personally and professionally. I learned many techniques which have served me well following our coaching and will continue to do so indefinitely.’ Danielle Kennedy

Sign up NOW, and follow in the footsteps of thousands of other people who have achieved healthier, happier lives using these tried and tested, easy to use top tips. You owe it to yourself to have the life you deserve, and this course will be your first step towards a brighter future.

Your Instructor

Jo Banks
Jo Banks

Jo is an executive coach, author and leadership development trainer.

Following a 20-year career in HR, she set up her own coaching and training company, What Next Consultancy in 2009. Since then, she has coached and trained thousands of people using a unique blend of behavioural-based tools and techniques.

Her aim is to help clients thrive in their personal and professional lives using simple but effective methods based on biology, neuroscience, and behavioural sciences.

For more information on Jo and the services she provides visit her website here.

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